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“Song (“It Calls Out”) sounds great. Beautiful changes in the verses. And you played a solo for the song. That’s important. Nice work man.”

Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme

“Harry is an extremely talented and dedicated young artist with a remarkably focused work ethic”

Rick Price, Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist & Producer

“His stage presence, instrumentation and vocal skills, original music and connection with his band was a testament to his dedication to a music career”

Alice Conway, Marketing & Entertainment Manager, NightQuarter

“An absolutely blistering launch show”

Anthony Gebhardt, Blank Street Press Issue #92 Nov 21

“Filled with light haunting guitar embellishments, building rhythms and jabs on guitar the song ventures into 90’s rock territory while at the same time maintaining Hart’s brand of exhilarating musicianship. Epic solos and catchy yet gripping instrumentation abound throughout the EP, each track is fresh and leaves the listener craving to hear more. “Holding On For My Life” is a well-crafted and exhilarating listening experience”  Read more...

Indie Buddie (Ireland) 8/11/21

“Combining all the best of his talents and putting them together to deliver one of his tightest releases yet in Who We Are, Harry J Hart only further excites us for his EP that seeks to give urgency to rock’s reimagined sound and resurgence.”  Read more...

Good Call Live 6/7/21

“This (“Holding On For My Life” EP) is a mega release”  Read more...

Dave Beech, RGM Magazine (UK) 11/21

“Cool chill rock vibe and he’s got a really good voice – 8.6/10”  Read more...

Local Band Smokeout (USA) 19/5/21

“Singer/songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist – it’s fair to say that rapidly rising Gold Coast rock talent Harry J Hart is the complete musical package. Having been on the radar of musical movers and shakers since the tender age of fourteen…”  Read more...

Anthony Gebhardt, Blank 15/10/21                               

“With emotive rock songwriting reminiscent of a young Daniel Johns”  Read more...

Zac Fahey, Blank New Music 2/11/21

“Demonstrating once again he is wise beyond his years, it’s easy to see why this talented teenage wordsmith has been attracting the attention of fans and industry personnel since he was 14.”  


Music Is My Muse 19/3/21

“Harry J Hart brings guitars to the front in his pop-rock gem ‘Who We Are’. Channeling the dramatic energy of Silverchair’s ‘Diorama’ record, Harry J Hart displays some impressive vocal range and strong songwriting skills…Easily his strongest release to date.”  Read more...

Zac Fahey, Blank Street Press 4/8/21

"Harry J Hart is a young fella but has some serious singing and guitar chops. Whether he plays with a full band and cuts sick or by himself, you need to check him out."

5 for Bluesfest! Some acts you might not know about but should. JBeavis, Starving Kids 29/3/18

"The talented singer and guitarist has been making his way around the Gold Cost, sending audiences into a state of trance with his angelic vocals and dynamic presence.”

Sally Coates: GC Bulletin Play Liftout 02/03/17

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